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Living Annuity

The annuitant may draw an annual income between 2.5% and 17.5% of the anual capital value of the fund. The amount can be reviewed annually.

Investment Term

Can only be taken out after age 55 and ceases once the funds are depleted.

Annual Review

The frequency of the payment and the percentage can be changed annually only on anniversary date.


A beneficiary can be nominated and the balance of the funds paid out. The tax is claimed back from the beneficiary.


Can be transferred from one insurer to another at the request of the client.


The living annuity may be converted to a conventional life annuity. This is a once off option.

Why get a Living Annuity?

The underlying investment are generally in collective investement schemes, this means the values are easily ascertainable. Full transparency. A living annuity can be used on a temporary basis and then transferred to a guaranteed annuity when interest rates improve.

Living Annuity Benefits

Living Annuity Term

Living Annuities run until the funds are depleted. The anniversary date remains the same and only annually can the draw down percentage and payment frequency be changed.

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