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What my clients say


I have asked some of my clients for a few words on how they feel about working with me.

“After meeting with Sheldon I feel more at peace as to where I stand in terms of my future financial stability. Sheldon pointed me in the right direction towards my savings for my retirement and my family’s future wellbeing after I pass on. Not many like to think about these things but old age and death is inevitable. Thank you Sheldon for making this an easy process [and] for meeting me at my convienance and putting me first.”

Pamela Chetty / Solutions Owner Standard Bank South Africa

“Sheldon is not your average financial planner, just wanting to sell you a product to execute a sale. He takes the time to understand your specific financial goals and requirements, after taking your budget into consideration. He partners up with you, and puts a plan into place to achieve your financial goals. He comes highly recommended from me, a demanding client, also in the financial industry!”

Vidyanth Bhola / Director and Senior Partner, VHA Accounting Solutions Inc.

“I had the good fortune of meeting Sheldon when he responded to an email I had sent to Liberty Life regarding an issue on my policy. He immediately understood my problem and put me in touch with the right people to speak to and within two days my issue was resolved. Thereafter, he provided sound advice regarding my maturing policies and kept me up to date with the progress.
Sheldon is a highly professional consultant; he is honest, has integrity and most importantly, keeps the clients best interest in mind.”

Vimla Padiachey / International Banking Consultant

“Navigating your finances is a daunting task, but finding someone who takes the time to understand your lifestyle, needs, goals and vision for your family makes this easier. Sheldon made the effort to understand where we were at and where we wanted to go.His financial analysis of our farming enterprise as well as the current investments we had made us feel comfortable – he understood that we didn’t want to only invest in ……what is the right word for Alan gray etc etc…but also count our cattle, sheep and horses as an investments too.His diverse and individualized approach has helped us see where we are currently, as well as the professional guidance in assisting with appropriate financial goal setting.Thank you Sheldon for making us feel more at ease and confident for our future financial security.”

Ashton Hansmeyer / Dietician & Farmer

“I may be a bit biased being his wife, but when it comes to business and money, Sheldon is one of the most savvy people I know. He is constantly learning and has a vast knowledge on many different subjects. You can tell by the way he interacts with people that he loves what he does, and genuinely wants what’s best for his clients.”

Kara-lee Botes / Brand Strategist