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Life Annuity

A life annuity pays a guaranteed annual amount until the death of the annuitant.
Once the annuitant dies, so does the life annuity.

Investment Term

Until death, can only be taken out after age 55


Guarantee term available. If death is within the guaranteed term, then the benefit continues to pay.


A portion of the monthly annuity can be used to purchase a life policy to protect the capital initially invested.

Joint or Single

Option for a single life or joint life annuity where payments stop when last annuitant dies


Annuitant can choose how the annuity increases each year.

Why get a Life Annuity?

A life annuity can be taken on a single life or on joint lives. If a joint annuity is taken, the annuity will end on the death of the last survivor. In practice an annuity is often on the joint lives of a husband and wife. The annuity can be structured to pay the same amount until the death of the survivor. Alternately, the annuity can be reduced on the death of the first of two spouses.

Life Annuity Benefits

Life Annuity Term

The Life Annuity Term runs until death of the annuitant or once both annuitants pass away. The life annuity will continue paying until the annuitant dies. The amount of money originally invested will determine the monthly annuity to be paid.

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